If all steel fabrication or concrete reinforcing companies adhered to the same standards and practices we wouldn’t have the need for this type of an article. Sad fact is that they do not. While they do have to comply with codes, unfortunately some contractors take short cuts to save themselves a little money. Below are three factors to consider before selecting the steel fabricator company for your construction project.

Firstly, the question to ask is; Does the fabricator have previous experience with the type of project you have in mind? Most will have a speciality and does your project fit their speciality? The fabricating processes can have different requirements depending upon the projects themselves. Things like type, gauges and grades may come into play. Does the fabricator have a team in place to see the job done from start to finish or will they be sub-contracting parts of the job out? Does the steel fabrication company you are considering have all of the equipment, materials and skilled staff to complete the job on budget and on time?

Metal fabrication and structural steel fabricators need to have practical, hands-on experience, preferably a lot of it. Does the company employ with estimators who can break down a complex project into detailed costs? Are their tradesmen certified? What about the project manager, do they have plenty real-world experience to draw from? All this experience can and will ensure the success of your project.

Before choosing your reinforcing steel fabrication contractors you really should check out the certifications that the company holds. Do they go that extra mile to ensure that the quality of their work will pass inspection on every project? It might even be a good idea to test them on the quality of their work by asking about cost saving measures. Good contractors will know how to save money but the good ones would tell you upfront that they wouldn’t recommend using them.

In closing
When all of the reinforcing steel contractors appear to be equal I can assure you that they are not, they only appear to be. Not all steel fabricators are certified to build bridges but just because they might be doesn’t necessarily mean that the higher certification makes them the right choice to fabricate the rebar for your inground swimming pool or retaining walls. Just because they offered the lowest bid doesn’t mean that they should be your first choice for your project.

At the end of the day it pays huge dividends to thoroughly research your bidding rebar contractors. We here at C&J Reinforcing Steel welcome all questions in effort to help you decide just which rebar company you want to hire for your construction project.