When you have a project that involves concrete, sometimes it’s a challenge to figure out what is better to use rebar or wire mesh.

Without the tensile strength provided by rebar or wire mesh or concrete reinforcing steel, concrete doesn’t stand up properly and cracks, or simply crumbles under high traffic and weight. When evaluating your project whether it’s a driveway, a swimming pool, a patio or a retaining wall you need to figure out what would be the best reinforcement to pick. Deciding on the best choice to help prevent cracking and to adhere to your budget can make a lifetime of difference.

Unfortunately, asking different people, who aren’t in the trades, you can get you different answers.

“When it comes to using wire mesh vs. rebar, the short answer is: use both!” or Mesh is for keeping chickens in the barn. Rebar is for concrete reinforcement.” or “Wire mesh is a costly choice.”

So how do you know what to do? You don’t want cracks. You don’t want the unnecessary expense. But sometimes you would feel better with a bit more protection. Doing concrete right, the first time can provide years of enjoyment and save you the aggravation of having to replace it too soon.

Often, it’s best to start asking your concrete professional and your town hall what is required by law. Some building codes require certain materials for certain projects. However, there are some general rules of thumb.

Because of heavy traffic, it is recommended that you use both rebar and wire mesh for extra reinforcement.

Swimming pool
Depending on your area, you could be required to use or the other, or both. Note: with a pool, it must be bonded.

Wire mesh can be pricey, and rebar can do the job. Budget may be a considering factor on which to use for this type of a project.

Retaining wall
This is where wire mesh shines to provide strength. Naturally, the size of the retaining wall, and just what is being held back, can come in to play on which to use.

If you are still unsure which is better for you to use on your project please feel free to contact us here at C&J Steel Reinforcing a call. One of our concrete reinforcing specialists will be glad to discuss your project with you to ensure that you are using the best materials to suit your needs.